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About Us

“Auto Transport Enclosed is in the business of developing mutually beneficial, long term partnerships with customers that need auto transporters and auto shipping either professionally or personally. If you are ready to go, please fill out our shipping quote form to receive a quote for your move. If you have ever had needed auto shipping before, you will admit that typical auto shipping companies are more concerned about making a few dollars than the care given to customers car. At Auto Transport Enclosed, we are different; we are auto shipping that don’t just talk about words like integrity and ethics, we live them! Working in concert with our customers, we strive to drive out hidden costs, and add value to your auto shipping needs.”

Auto Transport Enclosed is one of the largest auto shipping companies in North America, we provides safe and Dependable auto transporters services to a diverse group of customers throughout the continental United States and around the world. We take pride in the fact that we are “customer first” auto shipping. We are centered on delivering customer value and industry-leading service.

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MOST Dependable car transporters IN auto shipping

Let our team work for you
Let our auto shipping team work for you! As auto transporters companies go, Auto Transport Enclosed strives to be “MOST Dependable car transporters in auto shipping”. We only hire top notch customer service representatives and provide them with the MOST Dependable car transporters tools available to auto shipping to help us reach our goal - getting your car from here to there! To be the MOST Dependable car transporters auto shipping company, our team must be focused, disciplined and have a simple, repeatable auto transporters process. Auto Transport Enclosed uses these as a springboard when it comes to decision making and relation car transporters building in everything we do as a auto shipping company. We have learned that in auto transporters, success is simply a matter of conscious choice. We choose to be "MOST Dependable car transporters in auto shipping" and will continue to focus our efforts in auto shipping for many years to come. At Auto Transport Enclosed, we place a high value on ethics and customer service, which is rare in auto shipping. In our current financial environment, we understand that every one of us needs to cut costs and “do more with less” to this end, Auto Transport Enclosed invests time and resources towards innovation and technology.
Auto Transport Enclosed has also invested time, resources, and capital towards innovation and technology.

Auto Transport Enclosed MISSION STATEMENT

At Auto Transport Enclosed exists to provide worldwide auto shipping solutions focused on our most valuable resource, our customer by placing a premium on safety, award winning customer service, and trust.
Safety doesn’t just happen; it comes from a consistent focus on protecting both persons and property from danger, risk or injury.
We believe service is more than “talk”, advice and assistance, it’s coupling our expertise with the resources we have.
Trust is earned and it’s about telling the truth and getting the job done, every time.
We always strive to do the “right thing” even when it is difficult and always encourage others to do it to.
The Golden Rule is motto, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”
We make it a point to consistently to share information, ask questions, listen actively and speak thoughtfully.
We know that the combined effort of all of us is greater than individual effort!
We know that our decisions and choices have consequences and we make sure we treat your property like it’s our own.

Auto Transport Enclosed CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT

Auto Transport Enclosed’s puts time and effort into building an inclusive culture that promotions professional conduct and equality in the practice of all employees and owners throughout the company.
We place a premium on dealing with every situation with integrity and ethics. We make it a point to be honest in all transactions and it starts with how we treat one another in our office and it never ends. As difficult as it is to do, we even try to admit our mistakes. These statements mean nothing without action behind them, but once you deal with us, you see that this separates us from the competition and will enable us to be around for a long time. This Code provides principles to which Auto Transport Enclosed’s employees are expected to adhere and advocate.

Auto Transport Enclosed VISION

The MOST Dependable car transporters drivers and the MOST Dependable car transporters equipment
Auto Transport Enclosed’s vision is an efficient and nimble world-class service organization that is focused on the customer. We are aligned and working together at all levels to achieve our common goals. Our team enjoys our work and co-workers and this enthusiasm resonates both internally and externally. We are on the leading edge of service, always innovating to add value to our customers. Our organization has information and resources that can be easily adapted to analyze and monitor what is most important in a changing environment. Our financial health is strong, generating excess cash flows and growing profitability year after year with a culture that is cost and environmentally conscious. We train, build, and develop our employees through perpetual learning opportunities to enhance their skill sets, allowing us to recognize our talented people.

Auto Transport Enclosed TEAM PURPOSE

We make Auto Transport Enclosed the MOST Dependable car transporters in auto shipping because we promote and advocate a healthy and secure work environment that strives to meet the needs of others. We believe this, in turn, will make us successful. By doing this, our organization achieves at the high levels and provides financial security to everyone. We want to prove, with confidence to our customers that they have partnered with the MOST Dependable car transporters.

Auto Transport Enclosed COMPANY SAFETY

At Auto Transport Enclosed, some things will never change…since the start, safety has been our highest priority. Safety for our team members, our customers and everyone we come in contact with.
We believe safety becomes the responsibility of everyone, from the bottom all the way to top level of management and owners.
It is the responsibility of all managers to:
Abide by Federal, State, and Local safety, health and environmental Laws and Regulations
Only select trainable and high character employees
Maintain a safe working environment
Provide continuous safety training
Implement continuous improvement process that eliminate unsafe practices and waste
Follow all company safety policies and procedures
We believe that all this will ensure future success and continued prosperity of our company, employees, customers, and communities.

Auto Transport Enclosed COMPANY

Auto Transport Enclosed was incorporated in Maine on September 10, 1961. Our services include worldwide shipper of cars, motorcycles, RVs, oversize vehicles and household goods. We do this by utilizing company drivers or independent contractors or through partner car transporters with most major North American rail car transporters.
Our customer base is extremely widespread includes a large number of Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams (NFL, NBA, Major and Minor league baseball and hockey).
Our potential to provide various services, in partner car transporters with third parties logistics companies represent our competitive advantage to our customers. We believe this unique operating strategy positions us to add value to our customers and increase our profits for the stockholders.